Form II - Summary of Expert Witness Fees

A costs applicant should refer to the Commission’s Guidelines for the Assessment of Costs, as set out in Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2010-963 in completing this form.

General Information

Time Claimed

Services Hours Claimed Fee Claimed
(Hours x $225)
Review File
Prepare application
Prepare interrogatories
Respond to interrogatories
Prepare interventions/comments
Prepare evidence
Legal research
Prepare for hearing
Prepare expert report
Prepare reply comments
Consult with client
Case management

Service Days Claimed
Fee Claimed
(Days x $1650)
Attend hearing in Order to Testify

Add Taxes (if Applicable)


Less Tax Rebate (if Applicable)


The claimant must provide a signature, in either electronic or handwritten form, certifying that the information on this form is true and accurate.

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