Intervention, observation ou réponse de l'intimé / Intervention, comment or answer by respondent

Date reçu / Date Arrived: 2022-07-15

Numéro de processus public / Public Process Number: 2022-147
Numéro d'intervention / Intervention Number: 28
Demande(s) / Application(s):
Cas / Case: 299867

Demande à comparaître à l'audience publique / Request to appear at the public hearing: Non/No
Intimé / Respondent: Non/No

Commentaire / Comment
This call for comments is timely given how Xplornet is withdrawing the only affordable and reliable internet platform across the far north.
It is time that internet companies are regulated like other telecommunications companies, so they cannot arbitrarily withdraw service. Hundreds of Canadians are affected, with grave economic, health, safety and sovereignty implications.

Copie envoyée au demandeur et à tout autre intimé si applicable / Copy sent to applicant and to any respondent if applicable: Non/No

Information du client / Client information

Nom / Name: Sebastian Jones
Titre / Title: N/A
Au nom de la compagnie / On behalf of company:
Adresse courriel / E-mail address:
Adresse postale / Address: Dawson City, YT, Canada
Code postal / Postal code: Y0B 1G0
Téléphone / Telephone:
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