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Date reçu / Date Arrived: 2017-02-15

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Numéro d'intervention / Intervention Number: 21
Demande(s) / Application(s): 2017-0039-4
Cas / Case: 238958

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Commentaire / Comment
With an increasing number of people cutting the cord, it is unthinkable that TVO would remove their "extraneous" antennas. They say that the channel will still be available for streaming online but many rural communities who rely on OTA do not have access to quality high speed internet access to do so. I would love to see the executives who made this decision test the impact using Xplorenet to see how this truly is not an option for many Ontario residents.

TVO as a channel helps level the playing field for kids who may not have access to cable TV. With a stagnating economy and no ability for upward movement for me or my husband in our careers, cable TV was one of the first expenses we cut and TVO provides our three young children with educational programming. It's bad enough that franco-Ontarians (a grouo to which I belong) did not have the necessary clout to keep TFO broadcasting over the air.

TVO provides excellent political coverage in a world permeated by fake news and alternative facts, and some of my earliest memories are from the excellent documentaries that TVO produces.

More than all of that, it tells our stories as Ontarians, when we are likely to either focus on our pan-Canadian identity or our municipal identity. It seems that restricting its broadcasting to the Toronto area goes against it's mandate to educate all of Ontario.

I would urge the CRTC to compel TVO to reconsider its unfortunate and disastrous decision.

If TVO does not comply, it cannot legitimately call iyself TVO anymore and I would hopefully that the CRTC eould modify its licence accordingly. Any shortfall in funding should be covered by the City of Toronto as they would be the only ones benefitting from this decision.

Clearly, that is a suboptimal outcome. Decommissioning the rebroadcasting antenna will only further isolate the different regions of Ontario, when what we need is cohesion.

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