Intervention, observation ou réponse de l'intimé / Intervention, comment or answer by respondent

Date reçu / Date Arrived: 2015-08-21

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Numéro d'intervention / Intervention Number: 2
Demande(s) / Application(s): 2015-0907-7
Cas / Case: 224318

Demande à comparaître à l'audience publique / Request to appear at the public hearing: Non/No
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Commentaire / Comment
I am in complete support of pre-paid customers being afforded *all* of the same protections as post-paid cusotmers in the Wireless Code of Conduct.

I am sure you can see that while a customer continues to maintain a balance on a pay-per-use "account" with a wireless provider through "top-ups", there cannot and should not be any meaningful changes to the terms under which they opened that account and entered into an agreement with the provider for the services.

Anything other than maintaining the terms of the account into which the customer has paid funds is reprehensible.

In fact what Telus are doing is very disingenuous. They collected money from their customers under one set of terms and then changed those terms to force customers to spend that money in a way that is entirely different from which they paid for the services.

Imagine you go into deli. You read the sandwich board behind the counter with the list of sandwiches and prices. You order a pastrami on rye and pay $5 for it. You then move down the counter to where the sandwich is being made but instead of a pastrami on rye, the person starts making you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and tells you that they decided to change the sandwich they were going to give you after you have ordered and paid for it.

Does that seem fair? That is essentially what Telus are doing to their pre-paid customers and they deserve to be protected by the Wireless Code of Conduct just as much as post-paid customers.

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