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Confirmation No.: 80848

Application Date: 2014-12-14 14:28:47

Applicant: Vaxination Informatique
Address: CP 1016 Succ Pointe Claire
City / Province: Pointe Claire Quebec H9S 4H9
Telephone: 514-394-0348

Contact Person: Jean-François Mezei
Title: Consultant
Telephone: 514-394-0348

Sent by: Jean-François Mezei
MAD No.: 747475

Type of Submission: Reply to Int/Answer
Type of Licence:
Description: Please find enclosed Vaxination Informatique's undertaking for the 2013-551 public hearing.

It was send to intervenors via email on Friday and is being filed GC-Key on Sudnay now that power has been restored to the CRTC, as per a email from Lynda Roy allowing this delay.
Application/Notice number(s): 663-C12-201313601

Confidential Docs: False

1) CRTC-2013-551-Undertakings-Vaxination-Dec12.pdf (763.96 KB)