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Confirmation No.: 79886

Application Date: 2014-10-24 17:27:29

Applicant: Shaw Cablesystems G.P.
Address: 900, 630 3rd Ave SW
City / Province: Calgary Alberta T2P 4L4
Telephone: 403-750-4500
Fax: 403-750-4501

Contact Person: Paul Cowling
Title: VP Regulatory Affairs
Telephone: 403-750-4500

Sent by: Esther Snow
MAD No.: 740714

Type of Submission: Reply to Int/Answer
Type of Licence:
Description: Shaw herein files its reply comments in TNC 2012-551
Application/Notice number(s): 8663-C12-201313601

Confidential Docs: False

1) Shaw's Reply - FINAL.pdf (508.66 KB)
2) Cover Letter - Oct 24.pdf (426.97 KB)