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Confirmation No.: 79884

Application Date: 2014-10-24 17:15:54

Applicant: Bell Aliant and Bell Canada
Address: 160 Elgin Street, Floor 19
City / Province: Ottawa Ontario K2P 2C4
Telephone: 613-785-6336
Fax: 613-560-0472

Contact Person: Philippe Gauvin
Title: Senior Legal Counsel
Telephone: 613-785-6286

Sent by: Sandy Mabo
MAD No.: 740138

Type of Submission: Reply to Int/Answer
Type of Licence:
Description: In accordance with the process set out in the Commission's letter dated 23 September 2014, we are pleased to submit these Reply Comments on behalf of both Bell Canada and Bell Aliant, which had, until now, been participating in this proceeding separately. However, we will now be providing combined submissions given the pending privatization of Bell Aliant by BCE.
Application/Notice number(s): 8663-C12-201313601

Confidential Docs: True

1) 141024-The Comp-TNC 2013-551 - Reply Comments - Letter.pdf (74.8 KB)
2) 141024-The Comp-TNC 2013-551 - Reply Comments_ABR.pdf (639.04 KB)
3) 141024-The Comp-TNC 2013-551 - Reply Comments-APP.pdf (163.52 KB)
4) 141024-The Comp-TNC 2013-551 - Reply Comments_CONF.pdf (639.53 KB) *confidential*