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Confirmation No.: 77143

Application Date: 2014-06-27 18:02:04

Applicant: MTS Allstream
Address: 4th Floor, 150 Laurier Avenue West
City / Province: Ottawa Ontario K1P 1A4
Telephone: 613-688-8790
Fax: 613-688-8303

Contact Person: Suzanne Giroux
Title: Regulatory Analyst
Telephone: 613-688-8765

Sent by: Suzanne Giroux
MAD No.: 753226

Type of Submission: Additional information
Type of Licence:
Description: TNC 2013 551, Review of wholesale services and associated policies – Second intervention of MTS Allstream
Application/Notice number(s): TNC 2013-551

Confidential Docs: False

1) 14 06 27 MTS Allstream 2nd Intervention - TNC 2013-551.docx (159.09 KB)