Intervention, observation ou réponse de l'intimé / Intervention, comment or answer by respondent

Date reçu / Date Arrived: 2014-05-28

Numéro de processus public / Public Process Number: 2014-190
Numéro d'intervention / Intervention Number: 46
Demande(s) / Application(s):
Cas / Case: 216038

Demande à comparaître à l'audience publique / Request to appear at the public hearing: Non/No
Intimé / Respondent: Non/No

Commentaire / Comment
I watch only a small handful of channels (History, History 2, Discovery, Nat Geo, Documentary channel, I.D., and KVOS ME-TV Bellingham. I SHOULD be paying $15-$20 for these few channels, yet I pay over $100/month for 90 channels I never watch. With the old Big Dish satellite systems of the 80's and 90's, you could subscribe to a single channel if you wanted-you were not forced to bundle with a bunch of unwanted channels. About time for a change the will benefit the Canadian consumer on a service which most people use.

Copie envoyée au demandeur et à tout autre intimé si applicable / Copy sent to applicant and to any respondent if applicable: Non/No

Information du client / Client information

Nom / Name: David Linge
Titre / Title:
Au nom de la compagnie / On behalf of company:
Adresse courriel / E-mail address:
Adresse postale / Address: Kelowna, BC
Code postal / Postal code: V1X 1Y9
Téléphone / Telephone:
Facsimilé / Fax: