Intervention, observation ou réponse de l'intimé / Intervention, comment or answer by respondent

Date reçu / Date Arrived: 2012-01-13

Numéro de processus public / Public Process Number: 2012-370
Numéro d'intervention / Intervention Number: 1
Demande(s) / Application(s): 2011-1650-0
Cas / Case: 161999

Demande à comparaître à l'audience publique / Request to appear at the public hearing: Non/No
Intimé / Respondent: Non/No

Commentaire / Comment
I think it is a very sad day for Canadians to see that the last radio station entirely dedicated to Jazz may disappear following this application. I am a dedicated listener of Planète Jazz and have much enjoyed its presence among all the other radio stations which, in my humble opinion, simply sound the same to me. Where are canadians of all corners of the country supposed to turn to for a little bit of soul and a little bit of jazz? How will we broaden the musical horizons of our younger minds if the only thing playing on the airwaves is play-it-over-and-overpop/top 40? I think this is a mistake, although I understand the financial reality of the owner of the station, surely some compromise can be reached in the programming so that Jazz remains on the airwaves and the Planète Jazz gang (an excellent bunch of people if you ask me!)can keep their jobs and keep the Jazz flowing. Thank you for your consideration!

Copie envoyée au demandeur et à tout autre intimé si applicable / Copy sent to applicant and to any respondent if applicable: Oui/Yes

Information du client / Client information

Nom / Name: Denis Heraud
Titre / Title:
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Adresse postale / Address: 23, de Jouvence #302, Sainte-Geneviève, QC
Code postal / Postal code: H9H4T7
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