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Date reçu / Date Arrived: 2012-06-22

Numéro de processus public / Public Process Number: 2012-311
Numéro d'intervention / Intervention Number: 9
Demande(s) / Application(s): 2011-0319-2
Cas / Case: 169313

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Commentaire / Comment

RE Licence renewal for Cre-Comm Inc aka 929.9 KICK FM Winnipeg

Please be advised that I am opposed to a renewal of the broadcasting license for this particular group of people.

Although I am not active in the broadcast industry I happened to be present the day Graham Thomson advised Marty Gold that he could not go on the air.

I personally saw the bold faced lies he presented on behalf of a nameless, faceless, power hungry group of people who want community radio to be nothing other than Prozac for the masses.

I questioned him about the legitimacy of the decision-making process he described and the genuine authority of this group that ordered the show canceled, and Graham Thomson lied to me.

This is borne out by the internal emails of Red River College, the funder behind this group, that were soon after made public and by the facts pieced together by John Hotchkiss. I have read his intervention and support it fully.

I subsequently saw how that nameless, faceless group manipulated the community governance process to effect their own agenda.

Further subsequent events clearly illustrate that the Red River College, not the radio station board, pulled the strings in collaboration with a very panicky Free Press management who wanted their own sanitized version of citizen journalism, the News Café, which is now plunked down right near the campus.

Thomson said to my face there was never a complaint about the show and the decision was one of a "policy change". He was right that nobody in the public complained – in fact it was well received. The only reason that show and host was discriminated against was because it was doing its job. The only people who wanted it gone were folks who could not stomach the role community radio should play to provide an alternative voice on the airwaves.

This frequency should be reallocated to a party that can show a legitimate community based governace and outreach. The Cre Comm Board, its spokesman Graham Thomson and Red River College has none and should be exposed by the CRTC for this.

A legitimate Board of a campus station would have no trouble accommodating students but it should have trouble accommodating a scheming administration like that of RRC president Stephanie Forsyth and the cozy relationships with "media partners", including radio executives who masquerade as community representives and the Winnipeg Free Press.

Forsyth, Free Press editor Margo Goodhand and people like Cre Comm chair David Wiebe are more intent on self promotion then legitimate community broadcasting.

No one associated with the Board of Cre Comm or Red River College who was in any way connected to the actions against community programming since November 2010 can be allowed to have any connection to ANY broadcast licence in the future.

They were more beholden to the desires of Stephanie Forsyth than to the legal and moral obligations of the CRTC licence they were granted.

This licence must be given back to the community.

Please make this right!

Robert Axford
184 Eugenie
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Raisons pour comparaitre / Reasons for appearance
As per letter, I was an eyewitness to the statements of Graham Thomson to myself, Marty Gold and Rick Baverstock the station manager on November 8 2010. AS a member of this community, the full depth and effects of the conflict of interest of the Cre Comm Board and Red River College in their manipulations of the licence can be illuminated for panelists.

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