Access Key Confirmation / Confirmation Clé d'Accès

Application Date: 2012-06-11 11:37:56

Applicant: Bell Aliant Regional Communications, Limited Partnership
Address: Floor 19, 160 Elgin Street
City / Province: Ottawa Ontario K2P 2C4
Telephone: 613-785-6336
Fax: 613-560-0472

Contact Person: Stella Wallace-Chagnon
Title: Senior - Regulatory Advisor
Telephone: 902-487-4654

Sent by: Valerie Hammel
MAD No.: 736932

Type of Submission: Reply to Int/Answer
Type of Licence:
Description: Bell Aliant Regional Communications Inc., (the general partner), as well as limited partner with 6583458 Canada Inc. (the limited partners), carrying on business as Bell Aliant Regional Communications, Limited Partnership (Bell Aliant or the Company) submits the following reply comments pursuant to Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2012-182.
Application/Notice number(s): 2012-0114-4/BNC 2012-182

Confidential Docs: False

1) 120611-BA-BNC 2012-182 - Further Repy Comments.doc (69.5 KB)