Observation ou commentaire / Intervention or comment

Date Reçu / Date Arrived: 30/09/2010

Numéro de processus public / Public Process Number : 2010-623

Demande(s) / Application(s) :

Demande de comparaître à l’audience publique / Request to appear at the public hearing : Désire comparaitre / Request to appear

Commentaire / Comment :

Dear Secretary General.

1) On behalf of ACCESS Association of Chinese Canadians for Equality and Solidarity Society, I am writing in regards to CRTC notice of public consultation 2010-623. I would like to appear at the oral hearing, if there is one, by videoconference at the CRTC Vancouver office.

2) ACCESS is a British Columbia registered not-for-profit society and in deed a community television corporation with regularly scheduled programs broadcast on Shaw cable as ACCESS-TV. We work with equality seeking individuals and organizations to fight racism and discrimination, to advance the rights of citizens and migrants living in Canada and to press the federal government for an inclusive just and honourable redress of 62-years of Chinese head tax and exclusion legislation.

3) We are disappointed that more than 80% of the hyper local community TV channels that existed in Canada more than a decade ago have been closed and the results of the recent policy via CRTC broadcasting notice 2009-661 does not recognize the harm done or address these closures.

4) Therefore, we support the renewed proposal by the Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations to use the 0.5% of cable gross revenues that would become available under the CRTC's proposal in 2010-623 for establishing a Community Access Media Fund to which independent non-profit community-run access producers and channels could apply.

5) Although 0.5% is only one quarter the amount to establish a healthy community TV sector country-wide according to the research CACTUS presented this spring, it could be used to focus on those smaller communities most in need. There are many that have lost access over the last decade and currently have no other source of local TV.

6) As well, such funding would allow innovative community groups such as W2 Community Media Arts Centre to grow a large community volunteer base and provide welcoming physical production and studio space which is in short supply or non-existent for community-based independent television producers. Note both a thousands strong volunteer network and some fifteen or so neighbourhood offices and studios and attendant staff have disappeared from the Metro Vancouver community television landscape since CRTC's 1997-25 disastrous policy.

7) Thank you for your consideration.


Yours sincerely,
Sid Chow Tan - President
ACCESS Association of Chinese Canadians
For Equality and Solidarity Society

Reasons for appearance/Raisons pour paraître

I would like to discuss the dismantling of the volunteer network and closure of community television offices and studios and attendant staff in Metro Vancouver.

Copie envoyée à la requérante / Copy sent to applicant : Non/No

Nom / Name : Mr. Sid Tan
Titre / Title : President
On behalf of Compagnie / au nom de la Company : ACCESS Association of Chinese Canadians
Adresse courriel / E-mail address : sidchowtan@gmail.com
Adresse postale / Postal address : 4040 Inverness Street, Vancouver, Colombie-Britannique / British Columbia , Canada
Code postal / Postal code : V5V 4W5
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