Observation ou commentaire / Intervention or comment

Date Reçu / Date Arrived: 2010-04-08 21:10:50

Numéro de processus public / Public Process Number : 2010-138

Demande(s) / Application(s) : 2010-0150-3 (Fight Media Inc.)

Demande de comparaître à l’audience publique / Request to appear at the public hearing : ne désire pas comparaître / do not want to appear

Commentaire / Comment :

I am a public shareholder in a publicly traded stock called Blackout Media Corp. (BKMP) which owns a 14.8% share of TFN Global. BKMP is part of a class action lawsuit currently before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice Commercial List file # CV-10-8614-00CL. There is a hearing set for May 4th to obtain an injunction on TFN Global in preventing Mayhem Media Corp from selling or attempting to realize on its alleged default.

I respectfully request the CRTC to deny the request or postpone the ruling until this matter is resolved for all shareholders in the courts.

Thank you for your consideration.

Copie envoyée à la requérante / Copy sent to applicant : Oui/Yes

Nom / Name : Mr. daniel ritchey
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Adresse postale / Postal address : po box 2400, zanesville, Autre / Other , usa
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Facsimilé / Fax : 740-455-3423

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