Observation ou commentaire / Intervention or comment

Date Reçu / Date Arrived: 2009-03-07

Numéro de processus public / Public Process Number : 2009-41

Demande(s) / Application(s) : 2008-1715-8 (Student Media, University of Windsor)

Demande de comparaître à l’audience publique / Request to appear at the public hearing : ne désire pas comparaître / do not want to appear

Commentaire / Comment :

***1*** I love CJAM, and so I am writing to express my support for their application for protected status. (This comment contains seven paragraphs, each labelled by numbers enclosed in triple-asterisks so they stand out. The end of the document is also clearly labelled.)

***2*** There aren't enough good radio stations in the Windsor area, especially since (from my experience) CBC Radio 2 comes through so very poorly! But even where CBC Radio 2 is comparable to CJAM, it could never replace it. Student radio hosts tend to have a point of view completely different from all other radio hosts, formed both by the education they are receiving and the fact that they are younger and more aware of trends applicable to the new generations. This knowledge is evident in the music played, as well as the discussion made between songs, and also in talk radio shows.

***3*** CJAM showcases a phenomenal assortment of types of music, broadening what I would listen to normally. "Leave it to CJAM," my friends and I say to each other when we hear something so completely unique, it could only be heard on CJAM. I love hearing music from different cultures, and even love that many of these shows are announced in the language associated with that culture. It helps me feel like a part of this great multicultural city (and world!) to be able to appreciate the cultures that make it up!

***4*** But even when the style of music isn't unique or from another culture, it's always interesting! Very often, CJAM showcases independent artists that don't get played on other radio stations. Local bands know to bring their work to CJAM for a great chance at getting played. Sometimes the focus of a show is on a genre that isn't well-known, or with an emphasis on women in music (I think this one is presented by students in Women's Studies).

***5*** The talk radio shows on CJAM are really fascinating as well! I regularly listen to one where the hosts discuss politics in a very thought-provoking way, arguing intelligently over the ways of analysing a situation. Another show I enjoy discusses vegetarian living, and being conscious of what you eat.

***6*** I want to extend my support to other campus radio stations as well. When travelling, I always seek out the campus radio station in the Kitchener area (can't remember what it is right now, but that's besides the point). Why do I do this? It's for all the same reasons I love CJAM. And if something negative happens to CJAM, it will negatively affect the future of all campus radio stations, and I really REALLY don't want that to happen. If you know what's good for radio, you won't let this happen either!

***7*** So please, I implore you, on behalf of the hundreds or thousands of people who aren't taking the time to write about their reasons for loving CJAM (and other campus radio stations), please take these words to heart. Please don't make it difficult to find this kind of great broadcasting on the radio!

Crystal McKenzie
***End of document***

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Nom / Name : Mrs. Crystal McKenzie
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Adresse courriel / E-mail address : crystal.37@gmail.com
Adresse postale / Postal address : 1616 Everts Ave, Windsor, Ontario / Ontario , Canada
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