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Privacy Statement

We take your privacy seriously. Before you submit your comment (i.e., your ‘submission’), we’d like you to know about your rights to privacy and how your information and comment will be used.

Why we’re collecting your personal information and what will happen to it

You cannot submit comments anonymously.

The personal information you will be asked to provide is required by the Commission to identify participants and manage this public process. It will be posted on our website:

  • to allow applicants to copy parties when submitting their replies;
  • to allow parties to respond to each other;
  • to ensure that the process is fair and transparent for all participants.

If you search for your personal information (or comment) using any search engine (including ours), they will not show up in the results. However, anyone will still be able to read your personal information and comment if they visit the web pages specific to this process.

Your information is collected as required by section 26 of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Rules of Practice and Procedure, as authorised by sections 16 and 21 of the Broadcasting Act and sections 55 and 67(1)(b) of the Telecommunications Act, and in compliance with section 4 of the Privacy Act. Personal information will be protected under the provisions of the Privacy Act and as described for the CRTC’s Master Address Database personal information bank, CRTC PPU 065.

Your comments and personal information will be available on the public file, as per the retention and disposition period specified for the process in which your information was collected for (i.e. duration of a licence) or archival if deemed historical as per the Library and Archives of Canada Act.

Cases where we don’t publish your submission or personal information

  • If your submission contains confidential documents, only the abridged version you provided, including your personal information, will be made public;
  • If your submission does not include the required information (identified as “required” in the form below), it cannot be considered as part of this process, regardless of how you submit your comments (fax, form or postal mail).

Accessing your personal information

The federal Privacy Act states that you have the right, under certain circumstances, to access any personal information about you under the control of a government institution or to request changes to incorrect information.

To access your personal information, contact the Privacy Coordinator:

  • Toll-free (in Canada): 1-877-249-2782
  • Outside Canada: 819-997-4274

To notify us about incorrect information, call us:

  • Toll-free (in Canada): 1-877-249-2782
  • Outside Canada: 819-997-0313

You have the right to file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada regarding the Commission’s handling of your personal information.

Any documents sent to us by fax or postal mail will be converted to PDF and posted on our website, unchanged

Documents sent by postal mail, facsimile, or otherwise not electronically will be scanned and converted to PDF format. These PDF documents and those received electronically will be published on our website in their entirety. This means that they will be posted exactly as you send them, including your signature and any other personal information they contain, in the official language and format in which they are received.

Confidential Documents or Procedural Requests

IMPORTANT: To submit confidential documents or procedural requests you MUST use MY CRTC ACCOUNT (GCKey and Partner Log In). This service ensures the secure submission of confidential documents and that your procedural request is processed in a timely manner.

Procedural requests: The Rules of Practice and Procedure (Rules) allow an interested person to request that the CRTC exercise a power under the Rules or change the Rules for a specific proceeding (sections 5 and 7). This is generally called a procedural request. See paragraph 24 of Information Bulletin 2010-959.

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